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Heemskerk fresh & easy is a progressive company that processes fruit and vegetables. We combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative products, concepts and processes. And we’ve been doing this since 1960, passed on from father to son. A genuine family business. And that’s something of which we’re proud.
Wim Heemskerk lays the company’s foundations from his shed. His first product is chopped soup vegetables. But he soon expands his range to include kale, beets and other pre-cut vegetables.
The business grows steadily. The shed behind Wim’s home, in the middle of the village of Rijnsburg, becomes too small. The company, therefore, moves to larger premises in Rijnsburg, where we remain to this very day.
Wim’s son Cor enters the company. Heemskerk’s explosive growth begins. The number of dual-earner households increases, creating higher demand for convenience products. We improve the quality of our products, partly due to developments in packaging and refrigerated transport.
The first purpose-built premises are realised. The old building is demolished and we move into a modern building with all the indoor and outdoor facilities required by a progressive producer of food products. Customer demands and government requirements grow. And Heemskerk grows along.
In just a few years, the new premises prove to be too small. Growth continues and a new, larger processing plant is needed. In 2000, our total plant surface area is already 18,000 m2.
The innovation never stops and we introduce colour sorters. This super-fast camera detection system uses compressed air to blow every brown leaf off the conveyor belt.
Alongside automation, manual work also remains important. In the new High Care unit, for example. This is where we assemble extremely fresh and delicious meal salads with tuna, chicken, pasta or croutons, alongside the usual salad ingredients.
Plans for a new, purpose-built facility begin to take shape. The construction of a further 8,500-m2 building is realised.

Demand for fresh, healthy and convenient products continues to rise. We consider it important that these products are also tasty. So, we continually strive to develop new concepts. We select only the best ingredients for these.

We like to take the lead when it comes to trends and we now supply fruit and meals, as well as oven dishes, salad wraps and balanced sport salads. In this way we continue to contribute towards a healthier world with products that everyone can enjoy.

Fresh Boxes

In response to the growing need for inspiration and convenience, Heemskerk adds Fresh Boxes to its product range. A box filled with fresh ingredients to make your own delicious soup or meal. It comes together with a recipe, of course!

First robot

Automation, mechanisation and robotisation of our operational processes are crucial for a cost-effective production and to guarantee consistent quality. The first robot will be installed in 2017.

Each week we supply around 3,5 million fresh convenience products and concepts to retail businesses and fast-food chains in the Netherlands and abroad. Together with our partners and colleagues, we continue to produce smart responses to the continually changing demands. Sustainability, category management, quality and supply chain management all receive our full attention.
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