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Heemskerk fresh & easy is a forward-thinking company processing fruit and vegetables. Since 1960, we have been combining our expert knowledge of fruit and vegetables with innovative products, concepts and processes, passing the baton from father to son. This makes us a true family business, something we are really proud of.
Wim Heemskerk starts the business in a shed. His first product is chopped vegetable soup mix. He soon expands his range to kale, beetroot and other sliced vegetables.
The company is growing steadily and the shed behind the house in the centre of the village of Rijnsburg is getting too small. The company moves to the Vinkenweg in Rijnsburg, where we have been located ever since.
Wim’s son Cor takes over the company and the business expands explosively. The number of double earner households is steadily increasing, stimulating the demand for convenience products. We improve the quality of our products, including through developments in the area of packaging and temperature-controlled transport.
The first new build takes place. The old shed is demolished and we have a modern unit built with all the indoor and outdoor facilities necessary for a forward-thinking food producer. The demands made by the customers and the government continue to grow, and Heemskerk grows with them.
After even more growth, the new premises prove too small after just a few years. A new and even bigger production facility is needed and in the year 2000 our total area reaches 18,000 m2.
We never stop innovating our processes and start using optical sorters, which blow every single brown leaf from the conveyor belt by means of an extremely fast camera detection system.
Despite our automation efforts, we do not forget about the importance of a personal touch. We invest in a new high-care unit that allows us to assemble extremely fresh and delicious meal-sized salads, using tuna, chicken, pasta and croutons alongside the vegetables.
Further plans for a new build are developed and a whopping additional 8,500m2 are added to the company premises.

The demand for healthy and convenient fresh produce continues to increase. We think it is important that these products are tasty as well, which is why we are continuously developing new concepts using only raw materials of the highest quality.

We like to be ahead of the market. Besides processed vegetables, we also offer fruit, sports salads and vegetable-based casseroles. This is how we continue to contribute to a healthier world, offering products that people love to eat.

Fresh Boxes

In response to the growing need for inspiration and convenience, Heemskerk adds Fresh Boxes to its product range. A box filled with fresh ingredients to make your own delicious soup or meal. It comes together with a recipe, of course!

First robot

Automation, mechanisation and robotisation of our operational process is vital to cost-effective production and consistent quality levels. The first robot is installed in 2017.

This year we bought yet another production facility for large volumes, where we use robots and automated production lines if possible.

Heemskerk continues to build and expand High Care. Even more delicious meal and lunch salads are being produced.

Automatization and robotization. The first order picking installation (OPI) is commissioned.

The first sliced products are produced in the new building. The production of sliced products is also further expanded.

Now more than 45,000 m2 of modern production capacity where healthy, tasty and fresh products are produced daily. Heemskerk wants to make the world a little healthier and fitter.

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