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We are committed to ensuring that our products positively contribute to the healthy lifestyle of consumers. A healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on physical and mental health. As an organisation we think it is both important and necessary to play a sustainable role, producing food which is as pure as possible. We cannot do that all by ourselves. We need our staff, our suppliers and our clients. This is why we believe in sustainable relationships in every area.

Our vegetable waste is passed on to a local farmer who will use it as cattle feed. We are committed to working in as environmentally-friendly a way as possible and aim to reduce the use of electricity, gas and water. To do this, we use both existing technologies and research new technologies.
We want to be a company that has a positive impact on society, which is why we support a number of health and sports initiatives and help deprived people all over the world.

Sustainable collaboration

We work on honest, clear and reliable business relations with both our clients and our suppliers.

Healthy products

We want our products to contribute positively to consumers’ healthy lifestyles.

Social employer

We focus on the health and development of our staff and treat each other in a clear and honest manner.

Sustainable purchasing

Our purchasing is set up with an eye to the impact it may have on humans, animals and the environment.

Social commitment

We see it as our task to assist the disadvantaged and people in need.

Climate and the environment

As an organisation, we have a role in maintaining a responsible attitude towards climate and the environment.

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