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We make healthy eating
delicious and easy

Heemskerk supplies its customers with fresh, vegetable-based products. For any time of the day. It is our mission to make the world, healthier, fitter and nicer through our products. People who eat healthy often feel better, in general.

In order to realise this ambition, we continue to innovate. Our concepts, processes, products and employees are increasingly ingenious and improved. We do all of this in close co-operation with our clients, strategic partners and colleagues. And in a responsible and sustainable way, of course.

Around 900 proud specialists work at Heemskerk. Together, we supply around 3 million fresh products weekly to well-known supermarket chains and fast-food restaurants in the Netherlands and abroad; almost always as private label products.

Heemskerk is involved in both its local region and the outside world. We sponsor De Rijnsburgse Boys, the De Kippenloop against cancer, and we take part in the flower parade each year. In addition, we support Dorcas, an organisation dedicated to providing preventive information and medical care in developing countries.

Heemskerk is
a reliable,
proud and distinctive
partner on the European market.
unique products
location in Rijnsburg
millions of packagings per year
own transportation
We guarantee quality throughout the supply chain

Only the best is good enough, in our opinion. We choose the best possible vegetables, fruit and other ingredients from suppliers that are able to meet our quality standards. We believe in supply chain partnership. The growers are our partners and, together, we look at how we can keep products as pure as possible.

Our vegetable growers use fewer and fewer pesticides and experiment with alternative cultivation techniques, such as hydroponics. Our ingredients, such as dressings, nuts and pasta, contain no unnatural aromas, colourings or flavourings. And wherever possible we use sustainably caught fish and Better Life meat.

After the raw materials are delivered, we keep the processing time as short as possible. Our well-trained employees wash, slice, mix and package everything at a temperature of 4° C, so it stays as fresh as can be.

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