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The demand for healthy and convenient fresh products is continually increasing. Attractively presented, just the right quantity and accompanied by a recipe. We lead the way in this trend and regularly renew our offering. High-quality smart processing and packaging technologies ensure freshness and preservation of the vitamin content.

Ready-to-cook vegetables

Eating a healthy and varied diet, without all the hassle. Our ready-to-cook vegetables make chopping, weighing and washing a thing of the past. And it never gets dull: we do not just offer Dutch vegetables for cooking, steaming or stir-frying, but also Italian and Oriental mixes.

Salads and crudités

Fresh salads in smart packages remain fresh, attractive and tasty for longer. Keep it interesting with different types of lettuce, fresh and crunchy, chopped or mixed. Eat them for lunch, dinner or as a side or additional dish.

Meal-sized salads

Our meal-sized salads are healthy, nutritious, tasty and convenient. And not just for dinner at home – they are just as popular for lunch or on the go, especially the varieties with pasta or baby potatoes, chicken, fish or meat and delicious extras such as cheese and seeds.

Sliced fruit

Dutch seasonal fruit, exotic fruit or a mix of different types. Fruit is delicious and our functional packaging makes it convenient and fun. Eat fruit for dessert, as a snack, for breakfast or in a smoothie or shake.

Meal kits

With our meal kits, you can prepare a tasty soup or meal for 3-6 people. But we also have amazing themed meal kits or meal kits for celebrations to make a festive dessert, cake or vegetable dish yourself.

Oven dishes

Easy and tasty: ready-made vegetable dishes for in the oven. Delicious as a main course or as a side dish with a meal.

Vegetable rice and vegetable pasta

Freshly cut vegetables as a replacement of or variation on traditional carbohydrates. Healthy, easy and delicious.

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