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Demand for fresh, healthy and convenient products is continually increasing. Attractively presented, exactly the right amount and with a recipe on the packaging. We are at the forefront of this trend and continue to update our product range. Good and intelligent processing and packaging techniques guarantee freshness and the preservation of vitamins.

Ready-to-cook vegetables

A varied and healthy diet, but with no fuss. Our ready-to-cook vegetables eliminate the need for washing, slicing and weighing. And the choice is never dull. We supply Dutch vegetables for boiling, steaming or wok cooking, as well as mixed vegetables for Italian or Asian dishes.

Salads & raw vegetables

Fresh salads in a clever packaging stay fresh, appealing and, above all, delicious for longer time. The variety is endless with different types of salad. Fresh, crunchy, sliced and mixed. For lunch, evening meal or as a side dish or snack between meals.


Our meal salads are healthy, nutritious, delicious and convenient. And not only for evenings at home. Salads are also popular for lunch and on the move. Certainly those with pasta, new potatoes, chicken, fish or meat and tasty extras like cheese, pine kernels and seeds.

Sliced fruit

Seasonal Dutch fruit, exotic fruit or a mixture of different types? Fruit is delicious. And with our functional packaging it’s also convenient and fun. Eat it as part of a dessert, as a snack, with breakfast or in a smoothie or shake between meals.

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